Central African Republic: Situation Report No. 22 (as of 28 June 2013)

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 28 Jun 2013


  • Malnutrition treatment which was provided at the therapeutic feeding center (FTC) and mobile feeding units in Berberati, Mambéré-Kadéï Province (South) has been stopped due to the lack of nutritional supplies.
  • Households in Berberati have been obliged to reduce the number of meals they consume per day from two to one meal.
  • Although food stuff is available in the local markets, people do not have the purchasing power.
  • The majority of health facilities lack medical supplies and medications in Berberati.
  • UNHAS Special Operation is facing a funding shortfall of 30 per cent, requiring US$ 2.29 million out of the total requirement of US$7.64 million
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