Central African Republic Situation Report No. 13 (as of 26 April 2013)

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 26 Apr 2013


  • Population movements continue. Over 46,000 refugees have fled CAR since December and substantial numbers continue to arrive in neighboring countries due to human rights abuses and instability.

  • On 22 April, clashes between the residents of Mbres town and Seleka forces left 27 people dead and 50 injured. 480 houses were also burnt down.

  • A measles outbreak has now been identified in two health facilities in Bangui (6th and 8th districts).

  • At least half of schools across the country remain closed. Over one million children are now out of school in the CAR.

  • Under the campaign: “Let us protect the planting season”, FAO plans to provide market gardeners with 2,347 agricultural kits composed of tools and four staple food crops.

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