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Central African Republic Situation Report #37

Situation Report
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It has been nearly two weeks’ that the supply of jet fuel to C.A.R. has been entirely disrupted. WFP has had to stop all humanitarian air services— planned movement of staff and goods (including life-saving nutrition products) have been interrupted. UNHAS services are vital—moving an average of 1,765 persons and 29 mt of cargo each month in C.A.R., and ensuring security and medical evac-uations. WFP is organizing an airlift from the region to move 50,000 litres of fuel into the country; this would cover some two weeks’ of UNHAS flight operations.

In April, WFP was able to increase mt distributed by 77 percent compared to the previous month. More than 80 percent of food deliveries reached the provinces.


Populations continue to flee C.A.R.—arriving with an alarmingly poor food and nutrition status, into vulnerable areas with limited means to support the influx. WFP is finalizing an Emergency Operation (expected start: 15 May 2014) to scale-up vital food and nutrition support to as many as 100,000 refugees in Cameroon. Meanwhile, in Chad WFP is providing food to populations at entry points, and voucher support to returnees in villages of Southern Chad. Critical funding is required to save lives.