Central African Republic: Overview of incidents affecting humanitarian workers (January - December 2021)



In 2021, the civilian population remained the primary victim of tensions and armed violence in the Central African Republic (CAR). But CAR was also one of the most difficult places for humanitarian workers: more than one security incident per day was registered in 2021.

Incidents from 1 January to 31 December 2021 In 2021, 396 incidents were recorded compared to 424 in 2020. This 6.6 per cent decrease is largely due to restricted access and mobility for humanitarians in the central and western parts of the country due to armed confrontations and threats posed by explosive devices.

Interferences, hostilities and restrictions accounted for 35.9 per cent of total incidents (27.8 per cent in 2020), aggressions, murders, threats and intimidations for 10.4 per cent (20.8 per cent in 2020), and robberies, burglaries and intrusions for 52 per cent (49.8 per cent in 2020).


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