Central African Republic: Overview of evacuation (15 Jan 2014)

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 18 Jan 2014


After months of crisis, lawlessness and deepening humanitarian needs, on 5 December fighting intensified in the Central African Republic (CAR). One month later, as of 7 January 2014, violence across the country has forced more than 935,000 people to flee their homes. Some 513,000 people have gathered in more than 50 sites in Bangui alone.

The situation remains tense, with serious risk of deterioration in and outside Bangui. Armed groups continue to launch targeted attacks, including against international security forces, and the conflict has become increasingly sectarian. Despite public appeals by both Muslim and Christian religious leaders, mistrust and hatred between the communities is growing.

Sectarian tensions and the deteriorating security situation are also posing major protection concerns to migrant populations from the region, mostly of Muslim origin. Fearing retaliations against them, several African countries have begun repatriating their population which could also have humanitarian implications back in the countries of origin.

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