Central African Republic: Humanitarian Dashboard - Mid Year Review (3 July 2012) [EN/FR]

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 03 Jul 2012

Situation Overview

More than 25,500 people were newly displaced due to violence and military operations, mostly in the north and central regions. Displaced populations in the south-east remain unable to durably return due to the continued threat of the LRA. Both regions suffer from hindered humanitarian access. There has been no measurable progress in combatting rates of malnutrition and life-threatening disease.

Main drivers of the crisis: Five domestic and two international rebel groups operating in the CAR, armed conflict, rampant and increasing banditry, poor infrastructure and extreme poverty; all underpinned by weak and often absent state and supporting infrastructure.

Most affected groups: People living in regions affected by insecurity and people in post-crisis; most particularly IDPs, returnees, refugees and host communities.

Most affected areas: North and north-east (insecurity, hindered access, absent state, poor infrastructure, lack of social services), Kabo-Batangafo-Kaga Bandoro triangle (insecurity, hindered access) and south-east (insecurity, absent state, poor infrastructure and lack of social services).

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