Central African Republic: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (as of August 2016)

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Humanitarian access in parts of CAR is frequently hampered by insecurity mainly consisting of attacks against aid workers and the population (50%), looting (20%) and fighting (15%).

The Prefecture of Ouham together with Nana Gribizi and Bamingui-Bangoran (North Centre of the country) continue to be the most targeted ones with 15 out of the 35 reported incidents with an increase of criminality actions against civil population and aid workers. Regular advocacy at the CMCoord forum has demanded the increase of patrols. Furthermore the implementation of a “security bubble” in risky areas are ongoing covering mainly the area between Kaga-Bandaro, Batangafo, Kabo.

The security situation has been also delicate at the Center of the country (Kemo prefecture) with 6 of the 35 reported cases mostly armed group related issues. At the Eastern part of the country tensions are being registered at the Sous Prefecture of Obo where 5 incidents have been reported, showing an increase of action of LRA’s presumed members and other armed groups affecting the protection of civilian population and the implementation of humanitarian activities.

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