Central African Republic: Floods - Final Report, DREF Operation MDRCF027



Description of Disaster

On 7 August 2021, torrential rains fell on Bangui and its surroundings from 2pm to 10pm. Ten (10) neighborhoods in the 6th arrondissement and six (6) in Bimbo were severely affected, as well as the towns of Birao in the north and Baoro in the west of the country, affecting a total of around 799 households (3,952 people). Assessments conducted by Central African Red Cross (CAR) volunteers in Bangui, Bimbo and Bossongo village revealed that around 721 households are affected. There has been only one case of injury.

Since then, the rains had never stopped falling almost every day and the situation in the exposed areas was becoming increasingly serious. After the first month of the operation, the flooding had stopped in Bossongo café, and the number of people affected had not changed.

In the sixth arrondissement and in Bimbo, the water continued to affect new neighborhoods. The Ministry of Humanitarian Action and its partners had to update the lists of affected people on two occasions.

A total of 824 households, or approximately 4,120 people, were affected, including 2019 men, 2101 women, 2,307 children, 48 pregnant women, 172 nursing mothers and 23 elderly people. The extent of the damage was important and included 288 destroyed houses, 185 partially destroyed houses, 112 destroyed water wells, 130 destroyed or flooded latrines. Personal equipment (kitchen utensils and bedding) were destroyed by the floods. Of the 824 households affected, 725 found refuge in host families.

Faced with this situation, the Minister of Humanitarian Action organized a meeting with all the departments concerned by the issue and the partners on 14 August 2021. During this meeting, three main orientations were given:

  • Provide immediate assistance to those affected,

  • Organize the evacuation of water in the affected areas;

  • Search for sustainable solutions for areas with recurrent flooding.

A formal request for assistance was then sent on 16 August 2021 to humanitarian partners, justifying this DREF request. Prior to the above event, from 26 to 27 July 2021, four villages in Bossongo/Café, 60 km from Bangui, experienced flooding following heavy rains that continued until 31 July. The town councilor and village leaders counted at least 50 houses totally or partially destroyed, and material goods destroyed. About 250 people were left homeless and are living with host families. Following the Central African Red Cross Society (CARCS) newsletter, a counter-assessment mission was carried out by the head of the disaster management department assisted by the IFRC emergency team. Six (6) volunteers from Bossongo were mobilized for this counter assessment. The IFRC, in agreement with the CARCS and other stakeholders, made arrangements to assist affected population. This year, unlike 2019, the rains were not very abundant from September and October.