Central African Republic: Floods DREF Operation n° MDRCF013 final report


GLIDE n° FL-2012-000164-CAF

Summary: CHF 298,830 was allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 27 September 2012 to support the Central Africa Republic Red Cross in delivering assistance to some 2,740 families (13,700 beneficiaries).

Continuous rain, accompanied by strong winds at the end of August, caused localized floods that led to the collapse and damage of houses and loss of property and livelihoods. Affected localities included Paoua, BanguiBouchia (Mbaïki) and some districts of Bangui and Begoua. In response, the National Society deployed 120 Red Cross volunteers of affected localities to conduct a rapid assessment of the situation. They identified 2,740 vulnerable families (13,700 persons) whose houses were completely or partially destroyed with urgent needs including non-food items (NFIs), basic necessities, emergency shelter and drinking water. CAR Red Cross volunteers also noted the need to ensure the promotion of hygiene and sanitation in affected communities.

Through this DREF, vulnerabilities were assessed, and the selected families were provided with essential non-food items, accompanied by water, sanitation and hygiene promotion activities as well as volunteer capacity building. The 500 families that were living in the open or with host families were provided with emergency shelter through the distribution of tarpaulins and specific non-food items.

IFRC resource persons from the Central Africa regional representation were deployed to assist the National Society to implement activities on the ground. All activities planned were completed, and there remains a small balance of CHF 1,620 which will be returned to DREF.