Central African Republic: Floods Bambari Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF operation n° MDRCF023


A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

The city of Kouango, located 415 km from Bangui (the capital of the CAR), has been flooded since the 23rd of August. These floods caused significant material and human damages. The provisional record shows 350 households, or 1,750 people affected by this tragedy. At least 276 houses are completely destroyed and 74 houses partially destroyed. Some people found shelters in host families and others are in the farm fields. The communication network in the area is not functional, and according to the National Society there has been no other actors present in the area or providing any humanitarian response to the disaster. It also has to be mentioned that these scales of floods happened in this specific area every ten years. The last ones were registered in 2007.
The two deputies of Kouango as well as the President of the Special Delegation of the city of Kouango came down on the ground to sympathize with the victims. the Chairman of the Sub-Prefectural Committee of the Red Cross of Kouango and 30 volunteers visited the districts affected to assess the extent of the damage and to register the victims.
Therefore, the Central African Republic Red Cross (CAR RC) requests for a DREF to urgently assist these vulnerable. If this fund is allocated, the National Society will be active in four sectors: Distribution; Health emergency; Emergency Shelter; Water Hygiene and Sanitation.
This operation will be implemented over a period of three months and will be completed by 30 November 2017, the final report will be available three months after the end of the operation (28 February 2018). It should be noted that weather forecasts continue to indicate flooding risks in the Central African Republic as heavy rains are forecasted, and this could aggravate the situation of these already vulnerable populations if nothing is done.