Central African Republic – Conflict (DG ECHO, OCHA, INGOs) (ECHO Daily Flash of 2 August 2017)

  • Tensions are high in Batangafo (Ouham prefecture) and in Bangassou (Mbomou prefecture).

  • In Batangafo, fighting between armed groups on 29 July forced around 15 000 people to seek refuge in an orphanage, the local hospital and the church. Lootings, including of the premises of humanitarian organisations, have been reported. Humanitarian aid organisations have temporarily restricted their interventions to life-saving activities.

  • In Bangassou, three peacekeepers were killed during clashes with an armed group between 21 and 27 July. According to local authorities, 11 500 people have been displaced and over 13 000 have fled to the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.