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Central African Republic (CAR): Situation Report No. 25 (as of 14 May 2014)

Situation Report
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• More than half way through the school year, almost two thirds of schools in CAR remain closed, according to UNICEF.

• Livelihoods have been severely affected by the conflict due to the sale of assets, looting, destruction and displacement, according to the findings of a multi-agency Integrated Phase Classification.

• The voluntary repatriation programme of Congolese refugees from Batalimo has been completed. A total of 6,283 people have been repatriated since UNHCR and CAR authorities launched the programme on 10 April.

Situation Overview

The security situation continues to be volatile across the country. Sporadic attacks persist in Bangui, and tension remains high in the 3rd and 5th districts. On 9 May, armed violence erupted in Boyina village, 57 km from Bouar (Nana Mambere Province) on the Bouar-Bozoum road. Seven ex-Seleka elements and five anti-Balaka militias were killed. Many people sustained injuries on both sides. After seeking support from their group in Bouar, anti-Balaka elements are pursuing the conflict into Kounde, 67 km from Bouar.

On 7 May, journalists in Bangui declared “A Day Without News” in protest against the killing of two colleagues who were assaulted by a group of unknown armed men on 28 and 29 April, in the 3rd district of Bangui. The protest was instigated by the death of the second journalist on 6 May after being in a coma. On the day of his burial, journalists stopped working for the entire day. They organized a peaceful demonstration in Bangui, protesting against the ongoing insecurity and demanding the rearmament of the CAR national army (FACA). Some 60 journalists participated, bearing various slogans and messages including “Reinstate the FACA”, “Disarm all militias and armed groups” and “Fully implement UNSC resolution 2127”.

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