Central African Republic: Assistance to support and protect war-affected vulnerable communities -CAF151

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Appeal Target: 1’832’318 US$
Balance Requested: 861’528 US$

Dear Colleagues,

The situation in the Central African Republic (CAR) took a dramatic turn following the March 2013 Coup d'Etat, with the conflict escalating into unprecedented levels of violence. The events that took place in Bangui in December 2013 constituted a peak in the conflict bringing the capital in a cycle of reprisals among citizens, with violent clashes between (largely Christian) Anti-Balaka and (mainly Muslim) exSeleka that spread across the country. Violence in CAR has caused massive internal displacements, which has divided the country along ethno-religious lines, and had a regional impact, pushing hundreds of thousands to flee the country (to Cameroon, Chad, the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo). As of March 2015, around 442,000 people remained internally displaced in CAR and daily violent clashes continue to displace thousands already living in dire conditions. Large numbers of people fleeing the violence have been accommodated and supported by local communities, who have to share their meager resources with the displaced, and now with those that are returning to their places of origin without any means of subsistence. Existing community facilities are overstretched and tension is rising over resources on top of existing violence. Even though the general security situation throughout the country seems to have stabilized, the root problems at national level have not been solved, so there is no guarantee that the situation would continue to calm down.

ACT members in CAR, the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and Finn Church Aid (FCA), are planning to provide assistance and services to local residents, IDPs and returnees, in order to address their remaining humanitarian needs, as well as to prevent tensions and new upsurges of violence between opposing groups.