CAR: "If we do not receive funding, people will die" - UN Deputy Humanitarian Chief

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 21 Feb 2018

Deputy Humanitarian Chief Ursula Mueller, yesterday travelled to northern Central African Republic to see first-hand the impact of the worsening security situation on people in Paoua. Ms. Mueller is on a three-country mission in West Africa.

Clashes between armed groups since the beginning of December 2017 have prompted the displacement of over 65,000 people from peripheral villages to Paoua. The internally displaced persons (IDPs) are living with host communities and have depleted the limited resources that were available in the town.

“I have seen people who are hungry. I call on the international community to support the humanitarian response for Paoua. If we do not receive funding, the people will die,” Ms. Mueller said. "Needs are huge not only for the displaced, but also for the local population who are already sharing limited resources in very dire circumstances. Enormous appreciation goes to all humanitarians in Paoua and across the country. They're doing incredible work under very difficult conditions. Targeted attacks prevent them from delivering life-saving assistance. 14 humanitarian workers were killed last year alone. This is unacceptable."

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