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C.A.R. Cross-Border Situation Report #1

Situation Report
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Situation Update

Refugees, returnees, third country nationals, and stateless persons continue to arrive, fleeing C.A.R. In some of the sites hosting populations, the rains have created conditions for outbreak of disease.

In Cameroon, screening at some camps suggest global acute malnutrition rates surpassing 25 percent (5 percent severe).

WFP faces shortfalls of 70 percent or more for refugee operations. Without immediate funds, WFP will be unable to respond to the dire situation.

An April WFP/UNHCR Joint Assessment mission in RoC found that more than 74 percent of refugees report extreme loss of livelihoods.

Chad announced the closure of the southern border with C.A.R. (May 11) - though Chadian returnees will be allowed to cross. Population movements continue to be reported.