CAR-Agriculture Recovery and Agribusiness Development Support Project (ARADSP)

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The development objective of the Agriculture Recovery and Agribusiness Development Support Project for Central African Republic is to increase agriculture productivity of small scale farmers, strengthen capacity of micro, small and medium agribusiness enterprises in the project area, and provide immediate and effective response in the event of an Eligible Crisis or Emergency.There are four component. First component, Development of Productive Infrastructure and Competencies for Agriculture and Rural Entrepreneurship seeks to assist in rehabilitating and/or building critically needed productive infrastructure through the provision of matching grants for community-driven sub projects identified by communities.The component is comprised of two sub-components: (i) community managed productive infrastructure; and (ii) development of agriculture and rural entrepreneurship; Second component, Improvement and Maintenance of Public Infrastructure is to improve connectivity, mobility and access to local markets and associated agri-logistics services in selected zones. The component is comprised of two sub-components: (i) Infrastructure Rehabilitation; and (ii) Infrastructure Maintenance; Third component, Improvement of the Quality of Agriculture Public Services and Project Management includes capacity building, TA, project management, supervision and ensures compliance with social and environmental safeguards requirements, monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Capacity building will support the establishment of public-private partnerships in the delivery of agriculture services and improve government project management capacity at central and decentralized levels. This component has two sub-components. (i) Improvement of the quality of Agriculture Public Services; and (ii) Project Management, and Monitoring and Evaluation; Fourth component, Contingency Emergency Response.

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