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Hurricane Paloma Cayman Brac and Little Cayman update, 14 Nov 2008

Situation Report
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From Hazard Management Cayman Islands' Joint Communications Service (JCS)


One hundred and sixty-two generators arriving, and people on the Command Centre list are being called to collect

A Cayman Brac and Little Cayman fund has been organized by ADRA Cayman (Adventist Development and relief Association). Donations are being accepted at Royal Bank of Canada, Acct No. 500-6234


A veterinary officer visited & toured farms. No livestock has been reported lost and animals are in good shape.

Major crop damage has been reported and the Agriculture Department is continuing to clear farm areas. Assistance is also being given with up-righting & pruning fruit trees.


Estimates indicate that it will be six weeks before power is restored to the majority of residences in BOTH islands.

Cayman Brac

Electricity at the Faith Hospital should be reconnected today (Friday) and both nursing homes are operational (Kirkconnell Community Centre and Tibbetts' Annex)

Power is restored at British Caymanian, Lime (C&W), Credit Union, Mango Manor (a guest house) and Billy's and Tibbetts Enterprise. The focus is on reconnecting essential businesses and homes (especially those housing the elderly and small children). Many homes are being reconnected by Power and Light and CUC workers at night, following utility pole work. Homes along Alta Vista (on Bluff) have electricity. Electricity crews are working from 4am to near midnight.

As residents get reconnected, they are reminded to TURN IN BORROWED

GENERATORS to Command Centre at airport - (925 6262 / 925 6265) for others to use!

Poles going westward to the Garrard Smith International Airport to be completed by today (Friday)

Pole-planting in Watering Place & going east to Creek was to be completed by midnight (Thursday 13 November)

On Friday, work to concentrate on area extending from Brac Power to Blackie's

Two more CUC trucks are coming on barge (two there already)

From Power plant to the airport, power is to be connected today (Friday)

Little Cayman

Poles and lines have been restored from the power plant to the Little Cayman Beach Resort. Power is restored to Southern Cross Club.

The sub-station was rebuilt and poles are being replaced.

A large 50K generator was brought in for Marketplace.

Little Cayman Beach Resort's 80K generator is being transported by barge. Mastec truck arrived and six volunteer journeyman is on the way Hope for two more bucket trucks to arrive for Little Cayman HOLD UP - Transport barge (to come Friday - today)

Command Centre to streamline barge-clearing process by clearing essential items first


Water purification treatment has taken place at the Aston Rutty Centre Household garbage collections continue daily One truck will be working in Little Cayman today (Friday) Debris has been cleared from the hospital and schools

A Department of Agriculture chain saw crew is assisting with clearing work, especially secondary roads and then general clean-up

Residents are reminded that they should not burn tree limbs. Residents with transportation can drop them off at the lot opposite Scott's Quarry or can be left at the roadside for collection and mulching.


Residents are asked to drain their own water storage tanks where possible

The Fire Service hopes to manage ice distribution soon.

For further information contact: Cornelia Oliver


Contact Information for the Hotline

National Hurricane Committee's Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)
Telephone: 345-949-6555; Fax: 345 945-9156; Email:

Cayman Islands Government Office, London
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 491 7772; Fax: +44 (0) 207 491 7944; Email: 6 Arlington Street, London, SW1A 1RE

Email the London Office and ask to be put on its email distribution list to receive disaster news/updates.

Red Cross
Telephone: 345-949-6785 | 345-916-3345 ; Fax: 345-945-4813; Email:; Website: