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Cayman Islands: Set to declare early alert for Hurricane Emily

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Key Message: At its 4:30 meeting this afternoon the National Hurricane Committee (nhc) indicated that on its current path Hurricane Emily is expected to pass within close proximity to south of the Cayman Islands this weekend. As a result the Cayman Islands will be placed on Hurricane Alert at 7 p.m. this evening and a Hurricane Watch will be issued at 10 p.m.

NHC advice to local population: All interests should be closely monitoring this system. Residents and businesses are urged to begin planning for preparations, which should be in process tomorrow (Friday morning).

The outer bands of the system are currently projected to start affecting the Cayman Islands on Saturday morning. No one should therefore assume that all preparations can be left until Saturday over the course of which weather conditions can be expected to deteriorate.

"It is important that everyone gives this system the attention and respect that it clearly warrants. All businesses should ensure that preparations are given priority tomorrow morning so that whenever businesses close, all preparations are complete. At the same time, employers should ensure that employees are given opportunity to attend to personal arrangements if necessary. Coming so close on the heels of the preparations for Hurricane Dennis, it should be quite feasible for most businesses to meet both of these important obligations and still maintain normal operating hours tomorrow (Friday)," said Chairman Donnie Ebanks.

NHC actions: The NHC has put all committee chairmen on alert to begin preparations to implement arrangements as necessary on Friday. It is expected that PWD will commence shuttering of Government Buildings Friday.

Senior Manager for the Cayman Islands Meteorological Service Fred Sambula said that a high pressure area in the vicinity of the Cayman Islands is an indication that the system will likely continue to steer a more southerly course. However, as the system comes into our area the warmer seas are expected to cause intensification into possibly a Category Four Hurricane. From that point of view, Hurricane Emily is a major threat to the Cayman Islands.

Mr. Sambula said, however, that at this stage we must be prepared for change, and urged that all interests closely monitor weather reports.

Details of Weather System:

  • Longitude: 65.9. W degrees
  • Latitude: 13.3 N
  • Speed of system and direction of movement: Moving WNW, at 21 MPH
  • Maximum sustained wind speed: 115 mph
  • Proximity: the system is currently 1,106 miles south east of Grand Cayman.
Further information:

The NHC will issue its next update at shortly before 7 p.m. tonight.


This is the second threat for the Cayman Islands since the hurricane season commenced on 1 June 2005. Hurricane Dennis, fortunately for the Cayman Islands, bypassed the Cayman Islands, taking a northerly track. Weather systems forming at lower latitudes, such as Emily, are usually of more substantial threat to the Cayman Islands.


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