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Caritas Internationalis responds to food shortages in Cape Verde

News and Press Release
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Vatican City, 17 June 2005 - Caritas Internationalis has appealed to the Confederation for help in supporting Caritas Cape Verde's efforts to cope with its country's fragile food situation. Invasions of desert locusts, coupled with periods of insufficient rains, have seriously damaged farming and herding activities, and compromised household food security.

The islands of Santo Antão, Fogo, São Nicolau, and Santiago were among the worst hit, with an estimated 22,000 families directly affected.

Reports indicate that most families' diets are severely protein-deficient, and that many do not have access to vegetable gardens, which would help raise their overall nutritional health.

Caritas Cape Verde has proposed a plan that would cover the basic food needs of several hundred vulnerable families in the rural islands of Santiago and Santo Antão.