Cabo Verde

Cape Verde: Many Strengths One Mission - 2009 One UN Programme Annual Report


1 Introduction/Foreword

At the outset of this report, it is important to recognize, with gratitude, the important financial support provided by the Governments of Spain, Norway, Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom towards the implementation of the One UN Programme in Cape Verde. Their contributions to the "Cape Verde Transition Fund," were catalytic for the launch and start up of the One UN Programme. Several other development partners have also been contributing to UN reform efforts in Cape Verde, and a special mention must go to Luxembourg, which has been a very important supporter of Joint Office activities.  Other countries have contributed to reform efforts through their regular financing of UN system activities, and we are indebted to all UN development system partners for their support.  

Just as important as the donor support has been the commitment of the Government of Cape Verde towards a more effective, strategic and relevant UN at the country level.  By hosting the first Joint UN Office in the world since 2006 and volunteering to be one of the 8 pilot countries for the Delivering as One (DaO) initiative in 2007, the Government has shown leadership and determination to strengthen operational activities of the UN both locally and globally.  Through their involvement in the Steering Committee, the Association of Municipalities and the NGO Platform have also played an important role in ensuring that UN supported development efforts generate improved results and benefit all Cape Verdeans, in particular the most vulnerable groups.    

For the first time ever, the UN system in Cape Verde is able to provide a comprehensive overview of its collective achievements in the country. The report which draws from the reporting requirements agreed between donors and the Multi Donor Trust Fund Office includes:

- Comprehensive reporting from all 18 resident and non resident UN Agencies implementing activities in Cape Verde within the "One Programme" during 2009;

- Easily understood programming themes divided into 4 thematic Axes and then further subdivided into 9 Sub Programmes - which correspond to the Axes and sectors in the Cape Verdean "Growth and Poverty Reduction Paper" GPRSP II (2008 2011).

- A description of the progress on UN reform at the country level under the "Delivering as One" framework, demonstrating the beneficial effects of, and need for, a "Cape Verde Transition Fund" to promote UN reform at the country level.

- A financial breakdown of expenditures by the "Cape Verde Transition Fund" as well as by all other available UN financial resources.

The report allows the reader to see how contributions to the "Cape Verde Transition Fund" were used, and how those funds complemented the additional resources available to the UN system (e.g. core funds plus contributions resulting from other resource mobilization efforts).  It shows how all funds made available to the UN have contributed to national priorities as defined in the Cape Verdean GPRSP II (2008 2011) during 2009. The Cape Verdean GPRSP II, the National Development Plan, was formulated with the Millennium Development Goals as a key reference.  Examples of the country's commitment to achieve the MDG's are found throughout this report.