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WFP Cameroon Country Brief, June 2022


In Numbers

1,934 mt of food distributed

USD 573,030 cash transfer value distributed

USD 51.1 m (68 percent, July 2022 to December 2022) net funding requirements

323,955 people (164,702 women) assisted in May 2022

Operational Updates

North-West/South-West response

• Under its crisis response operations in the North-West and South-West (NWSW) regions, WFP distributed 273 mt of food to 33,726 beneficiaries (51 percent women) as unconditional resource transfer (URT).

• As part of its malnutrition prevention programme, WFP provided 18 mt of specialised nutritious foods (SNFs) to 3,969 children aged 6-59 months (50 percent female) and to 1,970 pregnant and lactating women and girls (PLWGs).

Lake Chad response

• In the Far North Region, WFP supported 119,635 IDPs and refugees (54 percent females) with USD 210,953 as cash transfers and 1,097 mt of food as URT.

• WFP distributed 222 mt of food to 71,457 school children (42 percent girls) under its school feeding programme.

Central African Republic (CAR) refugees’ response

• Under the CAR crisis response, WFP provided assistance to 93,198 beneficiaries (53 percent females) with USD 362,077 as cash and value vouchers transfers and 324 mt of food as URT.

Positive Deviance interventions in the Far North

• As part of malnutrition prevention, WFP will continue to implement the ‘Positive Deviance’ programme, a nutritional rehabilitation programme based on use of local foods to produce nutritious meals for children aged 6-59 months suffering from moderate acute malnutrition (MAM). During the sessions, the mothers of these children are taught good practices for infant and young child feeding (IYCF). For more on this, please visit WFP Cameroon on Twitter

• In 2022, WFP plans to reach 132,470 children and pregnant and lactating women with nutrition support. WFP needs additional USD 8.8 million (87 percent shortfall) for nutrition activities between July and December 2022.


• UNHAS continued normal operations until mid June when the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) introduced another layer of approvals for UNHAS flights that led to a brief disruption in flights. Discussions are on-going between the stakeholders to resolve the differences. In June, UNHAS transported 66 passengers, bringing the 2022 total to 1,549.

• UNHAS flights to Bamenda (North-West) are still not possible as the CCAA is yet to grant clearances for flights to resume.