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WFP Cameroon Country Brief, July 2020


In Numbers

4,250 mt of food assistance distributed

USD 0.11 m cash-based transfers made

USD 27.1 m six months (August 2020-January 2021) net funding requirements

466,732 people assisted in July 2020

Operational Updates

Unrestricted Resources Transfers (URTs)

• WFP provided in-kind food assistance to a total of 348,825 affected people in the Far North, North,
Adamawa, North West, South West and East regions.
WFP food basket consists of cereals, pulses, vegetable oil and salt.

• A total of 22,017 received food assistance through cash-based transfers (CBT) in North West and Far North regions.

• A total of 25,813 persons benefited from seasonal inkind food assistance in Logone et Chari, Mayo Tsanaga and Mayo Danay districts (Far North region).

• Due to lack of funding, rations distributed to Central African Republic’s refugees were reduced to 50 percent of the food basket until further notice.

Food assistance for assets (FFA)

• In the Far North, some FFA activities resume and activities such as sowing, weeding, rehabilitation of rural tracks, improvement of ponds and monitoring of fishponds were carried out. A total of 2,231 mobile phones and SIM cards were distributed to 2,231 households to enable money transfers during the month of August.

Nutrition activities

• A total of 27,185 children in the East region and 109,414 children in the far North were screened for acute malnutrition.

• In June, a total of 87,772 children aged 6-59 months were assisted through malnutrition treatment and prevention programmes in the Far North, North, East, Adamawa,
North West and South West regions and a total of 202 mothers received assistance in the Far North.

• In the North West and South West, a total of 7,207 pregnant and lactating women and girls received food assistance.

• In the East region, food by prescription distributions benefited to 4,674 antiretroviral therapy clients.