UNICEF Cameroon Situation Report - January 2013

Situation Report
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  • No funding received during the reporting period. USD 11,1 million needed to respond to emergency in 2013.

  • SMART Nutritional post-harvest season, survey has been conducted in November and December in five regions of Cameroon; preliminary results show the prevalence of global acute malnutrition of 6.3% in Far North region 5.5% in North.

  • Widespread flooding which took place during August – November in the North and Far North districts of Cameroon continues to cause extreme hardship for the local populations. Crops have been destroyed, which may lead to serious food shortages. Though the water has receded most of the internally displaced people - IDPs in Far North sites are not willing to go back, waiting for local authorities to launch a resettlement program. Most of the IDPs in North region have returned home. In Logone & Chari Prefecture (Far North), local administration has dismantled the 2 urban IDPs sites in Kousseri, leaving hundreds of families returning to their neighbourhoods in precarious conditions.

  • 15 638 WASH kits distributed to families with severely malnourished children in 435 Nutritional centres for the period May to December 2012.4 662 IDPs benefited from family WASH kits.

  • 80 latrines equipped with hand-washing facilities build and 30 boreholes constructed/rehabilitated for IDP and vulnerable population. Preparations of the sensitization campaign against cholera and the vaccination campaign against measles in the health district affected by floods is underway.

  • More than 11000 children have been reached through Child Protection interventions in partnership with 2 NGOs. 62 child protection and community based workers have been trained on psychosocial support.