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UNICEF Cameroon Humanitarian Situation Report No. 4: April 2021

Situation Report
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▪ Cameroon has received 391,200 COVID-19 vaccine doses via COVID19 Vaccine Global Access (COVAX) with UNICEF as key delivery partner.
UNICEF with partners have launched a COVID-19 vaccine sensitisation campaign. However, vaccine hesitancy in-country has meant that the uptake on COVID-19 vaccination has generally been poor.

▪ Since January 2021, 9,286 conflict affected children received measles vaccines in the NW/SW regions. In the Far-North region, 839 newly internally displaced people received critical WASH kits. In the East region, 12,355 people accessed safe channels to report sexual exploitation and abuse.

▪ The HAC 2021 remains significantly underfunded. Without additional resources, UNICEF Cameroon will not be able to meet its commitments to children with immediate, lifesaving needs or adequately protect those displaced from violence, exploitation, and abuse.

Situation in Numbers

2,288,000 children in need of humanitarian assistance (HRP April 2021)

4,400,000 people in need (HRP April 2021)

410,9331 IDPs in the NW/SW regions (UN OCHA, February 2021)

333,915 returnees in the NW/SW (UN OCHA February 2021)

321,886 IDPs in the Far-North (IOM, June 2020)

123,489 Returnees in the Far-North (IOM, June 2020)