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Protection in Danger Monthly News Brief - August 2020

Situation Report
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02 August 2020: In Nguetechewe town, Mayo-Tsanaga department, Far North region, Boko Haram militants reprotedly used child suicide bombers to target a site for displaced people, resulting in the death of at least 17 civilians. Following the attack, around 1,500 people - including members of the host community - fled to nearby Mozogo. Sources: ACAPS, Human Rights Watch and UNHCR

27 August 2020: At Kordo village, Mayo-Sava department, Far North region, the Kordo IDP camp was attacked by suspected Boko Haram fighters, who stole goods and injured a person. Source: Sembe TV

27 August 2020: In Ndabakoro village, Mayo-Sava department, Far North region, the IDP camp of Ndabakoro was attacked by suspected Boko haram fighters who stole several types of unspecified goods. Source: Sembe TV


13 August 2020: In Mocimboa da Praia district, Cabo Delgado province, a boat carrying refugees from Nkomangano to Nhongue island was intercepted and fired at by government troops despite the refugees’ explanations to the soldiers regarding their identity and destination. The boat sank and forty people onboard died. The survivours fled to Pemba. Source: Cabo Ligado Weekly

15 August 2020: In Nawamba neighbourhood, near Macomia town, Cabo Delgado province, the bodies of two female IDPs who were sexually assaulted and killed by members of the military were found. Source: ACLED


18 August 2020: In Kukawa town and LGA, Borno state, hundreds of former IDPs were kidnapped by Boko Haram insurgents barely a week after they returned to their homes following assurances by the military and local authorities that it is safe to do so. A newly equipped hospital was also destroyed during the attack. Source: Eons Intelligence


07 August 2020: In Doolow town, Gedo region, Jubaland, the former deputy district commissioner was killed by Al Shabaab militants at his residence in Qansaxley IDP camp. Source: ACLED1

South Sudan

29 August 2020: At or near Kalipapa, Juba county, Central Equatoria state, two trucks operated by Somalis and transporting food relief forIDPs in Lainya were attacked and set on fire. NAS rebels claimed that SSPDF attacked the trucks. South Sudan authorities, however, accused NAS rebels. Source: ACLED