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Policy Weekly Vol. 5 Issue 7, September 06 - 13, 2021: Community Dialogue: Stepping Up the Game (The Lake Chad Basin)


Policy Recommendations

1 Adoption of Flexible Stabilisation Programme.

2 Vital communication channels for information sharing must be strengthened across communities within the Lake Chad Basin.

3 Critical stakeholders across communities such as civil society organisations and traditional and religious leaders should help their members keep a better and improved mental outlook.

4 Local institutions such as youth and women groups can be strengthened to appropriately checkmate security threats through training on how to identify signals of security threats and how to respond to distress calls.

5 Reconciliation framework should be a main structure of the community dialogue processes in the Lake Chad Basin.

The Lake Chad Basin, which comprises Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria, is notorious for violence. In the past, organised crimes such as smuggling and banditry were rife in the region. The region has become the heartland of violent extremism such as terrorism, resulting in brutal fatalities and enormous humanitarian tragedies. The hemorrhagic effects of the Boko Haram led insurgency have prompted national, regional and global responses aimed at ensuring peace. Essentially, these efforts, which have been top-bottom response mechanisms, have yielded marginal successes over time. This edition of Nextier SPD Policy Weekly highlights the imperative for community dialogue for more consolidated peace in the Lake Chad region.