Livelihoods Zone Map and Descriptions for Cameroon, October 2019



This product aims to identify and define livelihood patterns to provide a starting point for early warning assessments in Cameroon. The Livelihoods Zoning activity was designed to establish food security reference points and indicate whether the conditions reported at any given time justify more in-depth assessment. This Livelihood Zoning product does not in itself constitute a full food-security analysis; but the results presented in this report provide a reference point for estimating how households in different parts of the country could be affected by various hazards. The findings provide a systematic framework and geographic context for interpreting existing monitoring data on production, prices, and other indicators to identify potential problems. Assessment teams may wish to use the livelihood zones as a basis for geographical sampling in their surveys

About Livelihood Description

Livelihood Zone Description accompanies a zone map, briefly describing the main characteristics of the livelihood patterns in that zone. The maps and descriptions, which identify relevant variables by geography, are useful in informing the development of monitoring systems.