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A Gender Perspective on Humanitarian Response in Cameroon - Volume 1, Number 7


25 March to April 6, 2015

Security Brief

During this reporting period no major incidents were reported in the Eastern region. The situation in the Far North is calm but unpredictable. Population movement continues. The highlight of this period was the visit of the UNHCR High Commissioner to the region. On March 25, he arrived at the refugee camp of Minawao to see for himself the living conditions of refugees affected by the crisis in Nigeria and those of internally displaced persons. He stressed out the importance for the international community to increase assistance to Cameroon as the country has been highly impacted by the Nigerian crisis: Forced displacement of population, over 96,000 internally displaced persons have been identified by the authorities; massive influx of refugees , more than 74,000 Nigerian refugees have sought refuge in Cameroon according to UNCH figures.

The elections in Nigeria will have an impact on the dynamic of the fight against Boko Haram; however, it is too soon to predict such effects. The impact of the prevailing humanitarian crisis on children, women and girls is of increased concern.

Humanitarian News

UN Women has started the construction of the second women’s cohesion space in the Minawao camp to provide a safe and confidential environment to victims and survivors of GBV. It’s expected to be completed and ready for use by the beginning of May.