Cameroun : Covid 19 Situation - As of 7 April 2020



▪ Meeting between UNHCR and the World Bank (WB) on 04 April, on the institution’s plans to support government in preventing the spread of Covid-19. It came out of the meeting that the WB has disbursed 6.5 million USD for government, to cover an emergency action plan elaborated and validated by government, and a command for hospital equipment and medication.

▪ UNHCR and the World Bank have accepted to work on an emergency action plan, estimated at one (1) to two (2) million USD to support refugee-hosting communities and refugees sites/camps.

▪ UNHCR takes part in the weekly coordination meetings piloted by the Ministry of Public Health at the national level.
At the regional level, sub and field offices are working in collaboration with local government officials on Covid-19.

▪ The World Food Programme, (WFP) has reassured there are no fears of shortage in food items distributed to Persons of Concern, POCs in the camps and sites.

▪ There is an ongoing assessment of the impact of Covid-19 on protection activities in South West region. UNHCR's Protection Cluster and protection partners in South West met with WHO during the week to assess the impact and risks of Covid-19 on internally displaced persons. All UNHCR-led sectors are contributing to the WHO/OCHA strategy on Covid-19 interventions.

▪ A joint mission made up of UNHCR and partners of Kadey and Boumba and Ngoko divisions in the East region from 17 to 21 March, to establish a common multisectoral community sensitization calendar against Covid-19.

▪ From 24 to 28 March UNHCR, the Ministry of health and partners undertook a second joint mission to strengthen the capacity of actors in Adamawa and East regions, in setting up prevention mechanisms and managing possible cases of Covid-19 in the refugee settlements.