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Cameroon: UNDP Early Recovery Newsletter No.1, January 2017

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This is the first newsletter for Early Recovery sector. UNDP plays a role of Early Recovery sector lead. An Early Recovery sector meeting is monthly organised in Yaounde and Maroua. The Early Recovery sector is underfunded. However, the government of Japan is the major donor for the sector. UNDP’s relationship with Japan emerges from a shared commitment to human development and a longstanding global partnership between Japan and UNDP spanning over 53 projects in the world and 25 countries in Africa (only through 2015JFY supplementary budget). Japan fully shares the commit-ment and the determination of UNDP to support Cameroon in empowering its people. Japan and UNDP are jointly supporting Cameroon in several sectors and work together to promote youth employment and encourage social cohesion and pacific coexistence. We are also working together to support region-al stability as well as refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities.

“I visited the project site in the Far North region twice and found that it is important to provide basic products and services to the population in need. Further to this, we need a durable solution like that of the UNDP early recovery project that contributes and meets local needs with much positive outcome. The Government of Japan will continue to strengthen the solidarity and provide these people affected by the conflict and the host communities with relentless support as a part of international community. I equally extend my appreciation to the humanitarian actors, especially UN Systems, who are putting to-gether their efforts on the field with lots of assistance so we could have better living conditions ”

H.E.Mr. Kunio Okamura, Ambassador of Japan

To date, Japan has supported two UNDP projects in early recovery sector since 2015. The first project was implemented in East and the Far North region and the current project has been implementing in the Far North region for IDPs and host communities.