Cameroon: Population Movement - Emergency appeal n° MDRCM027 EPoA update No: 3 (20 April 2020)

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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

The present Operation Update seeks for timeframe extension from 31st May to 31st December 2020. With the additional funds allocated recently, and based on the various scenarios included in the last Operations Update, there is obviously need to extend the period of the operation to September 2020 to allow the implementation of planned activities and effectively respond to the needs of the affected population.

For in-kind assistance, distribution activities have been carried out in 6 divisions (Wouri, Menoua, Moungo, Noun, Bamboutos and Mifi) targeting 998 most vulnerable households (6,833 persons). Training sessions were completed on WASH, CEA, and distribution techniques for 135 volunteers and for 25 volunteers on cash transfer programmes conducted in the mentioned divisions. A range of activities for cash transfer assistance (rapid market assessment, feasibility study and NS capacity building on cash transfer approach) is being conducted targeting 2 600 households (13,000 persons) in the sectors of shelter/NFIs, health and education. The Cameroon Red Cross administration and finance department and IFRC cluster office (logistic) are working together for the procurement processes of the cash service provider. The identification of 2,600 beneficiary households’ and validation of lists are being finalized. The total budget of the operation is Swiss francs 2,000,000 CHF. The funding coverage stands at Swiss francs 816,637 (41%) including DREF allocation of Swiss francs 250,000. Expenditure reached to Swiss francs 328,099 which is around 16% of the budget.

A Surge Operations Manager with cash programming experience started in January 2020 and will manage the Emergency Appeal operation until end of August 2020.

The Far North region was also removed from the current the Emergency Appeal as some activities will be covered by Swedish Red Cross working in the area with Cameroon Red Cross.