Cameroon: North-West and South-West Crisis Situation Report No. 12 - As of 31 October 2019


• 172,372 people benefitted from food and livelihood assistance in October.

• 3,136 children received vitamin A and 950 children were vaccinated against measles in October

• 112,794 individuals were reached with WASH activities during the reporting period.

• 77,510 people have been reached with shelter assistance and 84,895 people have been supported with NFI assistance in the North-West and South-West (NWSW) since January.

• 91% of school-aged children are out of school.

• The total level of displacement from NWSW stands at over 700,000, including those displaced as refugees in Nigeria as well as in other regions in Cameroon.

• Both parties to the conflict continue to breach International Law, including International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law, attacking civilians, schools and civilian health facilities. The health facility in Tole (SW) was destroyed by NSAGs after being used as a base by the Cameroon military.

• Non-State Armed Groups (NSAGs) as well as criminal groups continue to block humanitarian access with kidnapping of 10 humanitarian workers in October (all released) and demands for ransom are common.

• 1,790 protection incidents were registered in October. Burning of houses predominantly associated with Cameroon military represents 35.5% of the 1,790 protection incidents registered in October.

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