Cameroon North-West and South-West Crisis - Care exploratory mission report, Sept. 2018

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Executive Summary

Regarding the current crisis, CARE Cameroun conducted an exploratory mission from September 3 to 9, 2018 in order to consolidate the knowledge of the South and North West, identify the main humanitarian needs and gaps. Due to access restrictions and security threats, the mission prioritized the assessment in the administrative divisions of Bamenda and Buea. The key findings from this assessment include:

  • Both host and displaced persons are dramatically affected. Specifically, men and boys are extremely exposed with high risk of being caught, recruited or killed by either of the armed groups. Women and girls are also particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment and violence.

  • Needs are enormous, so it is difficult to focus on one specific sector. But according to the FGD findings, shelter, food and protection stand out as most pressing needs. Many people have fled their homes and lost all their belongings. Also, 2 planting seasons have been missed. Increased market prices and lack of income have been reported People are highly exposed to protection threats during displacement or hidden in the bush.

  • The number of IDPs should be updated by IOM soon as the current figures are mostly related to the SW.

  • Humanitarian coordination is just starting with a few actors already on site. Therefore, the affected population have received little assistance. Immediate response is highly expected to address the growing needs of the affected populations

  • Access is the main constraint for humanitarian assistance. Security challenges will also imply that activities will be implemented not far from the main cities/villages.