Cameroon: News Bulletin, September-October 2017

News and Press Release
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Emergency surgery is one of MSF’s main activities in Cameroon. This is particularly the case at the Regional Hospital in Kousséri, where MSF supports the Ministry of Health (MoH) with free, high quality emergency surgery. Surgery requires having a large supply of healthy blood available and this is the challenge MSF has taken up in Kousséri. In collaboration with the MoH, MSF has set up a blood bank that is jointly managed by both entities to address the hospital’s difficulties regarding blood transfusion.

MSF is also very active in epidemic response and epidemiological surveillance worldwide and remains on the alert in Cameroon. The organisation has supported the MoH in responding to a recent surge of suspected cases of yaws by donating medicine and medical items.

To improve the efficiency of its interventions, MSF has conducted a survey through its research branch “Epicentre” to evaluate the health needs of the populations in Mayo-Sava and Logon et Chari. The ongoing conflict and insecurity in the country’s Far North has taken a heavy toll on both regions. Ahead of the final detailed report, the preliminary results of the study are presented in this news bulletin.