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Cameroon: Humanitarian snapshot in North West and South West Regions (April 2020)


In its fourth year, the North West and South West socio-political crisis has led to a massive displacement of populations and further increased community vulnerabilities. The MSNA conducted in August 2019 identified some 450,000 internally displaced persons, as well as 204,000 returnees. The largest numbers of IDPs are registered in the divisions of Meme and Fako in SW and Mezam and Ngo-Ketunjia in NW. Approximately 52% of the displaced are women, with children representing 44.5% of IDP population (96,472 girls and 95,031 boys). It is also estimated that 200,000 have fled to the neighboring regions of Littoral and the West. As of 31 March 2020, about 58,151 Cameroonians are registered as refugees in Nigeria.

The widespread insecurity in the North West and South West regions is rendering the fight against COVID-19 challenging and limiting prevention response activities to main cities under Government control. Continued influx in population movement is also an aggravating factor for the spread of the virus


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