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Cameroon Humanitarian Bulletin Issue N°28 | December 2021



• Far North intercommunity clashes: In December, following a dispute between two members from the Arab Choa and Musgum communities, conflict broke out across the Logone et Chari and Diamaré divisions, resulting in at least 63,000 displaced persons.

• South-West cholera outbreak: Cases are on the rise since the outbreak late October.

• Africa cup of nations COVID19 and security concerns: The Government of Cameroon says it is taking the necessary sanitary and security preventive measures.


On 5 December 2021, a new intercommunity conflict broke out in the Logone Birni district, 38 km South-West of Kousseri town, in the Far North region. Local sources reported that clashes originated from a dispute around water access between two people from different local communities in Ouloumsa village. On 8 December, the conflict intensified, and clashes spread across the Logone and Chari and Mayo-Danay divisions. It caused the death of at least 44 people, but local sources suggest that this number could be higher. The conflict also led to the injury of over 100 people, the destruction and burning of houses and businesses, and resulted in significant population displacements across the region.

According to local sources, the situation relatively subsided in affected regions and is contained by State security forces. However, the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) and humanitarian partners on the ground reported isolated incidents in the Logone et Chari division. Affected populations remain wary of the situation and worried for their security, while returns remain limited.


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