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Cameroon: Food security and Malnutrition (as of 01 March 2017)


The food security and nutrition situation in Cameroon remains worrying. In Adamaoua, food insecurity seems to have dramatically worsened, rising from 19% to 39% within one year. Malnutrition remains of concern, especially in Logone and Chari located, in the Far North, where severe acute malnutrition is at emergency level (2%). This situation is due to repetitive shocks such as the continuous influx of refugees from the Central African Republic and Nigeria, increasing insecurity and natural disasters in a context of lack of global basic services. In 2016, several departments have registered food deficit which combined to disruption of economic exchanges between Nigeria impacted incomes and livelihoods in Adamoua, North and the Far North. Refugees and IDP children are particularly affected by rising malnutrition. Humanitarian partners estimate than 65,000 children under 5 will be affected by severe acute malnutrition.


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