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ACAPS Briefing Note: Cameroon, Floods in Far North region (11 October 2019)



On 1 October, the Logone River overflowed, flooding a valley in Zina district, located within Logone-et-Chari department of Far North region. According to one source, flooding restricted access to several villages within the valley, although the exact name or number of villages is not confirmed. Populations within the commune of Zina have been forced to leave villages, although the scale of displacement from the floods is not clear. The flooding impacts will likely be aggravated by the ongoing conflict in the region, high levels of food insecurity, and the degree of poverty in Far North, one of the poorest regions of Cameroon. The floods are expected to have the greatest impact on poor households and people who have been displaced, both by the current floods and from previous displacements; Far North region has over 480,000 IDPs, returnees, and refugees.

Anticipated scope and scale

The 2019 rainy season in Far North has caused flooding in the department of Logone-et-Chari. As the inundation of the Logone river has been reported, it is possible that flooding has occurred in other departments. Heavy rains are expected to continue in Logone-et-Chari until the end of October. This could lead to both shortterm and long-term consequences, such as further displacements and impacts on livelihoods.

Humanitarian constraints

Flooding has restricted access to villages within the Zina commune of Logone-et-Chari, where boats are being used to reach communities. Roads have also been made impassable. The presence of Boko Haram in the region poses security threats