ACAPS Briefing Note: Cameroon - Displacement in Northwest and Southwest (17 October 2018)

from Assessment Capacities Project
Published on 17 Oct 2018 View Original

On 7 October, presidential elections in Cameroon were accompanied by electoral related violence in the anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest. The new violence is likely to have displaced more people, which would add to the estimated number of 246,000 that were displaced as of August 2018 since the beginning of the crisis in 2017. The newly displaced are likely to be in need of food, shelter, health and wash assistance.

Anticipated scope and scale

Armed groups’ activities have cause displacement in Northwest and Southwest regions. The slow onset of the crisis left doubt around the recent caseload, but based on estimations it is likely that there are now more than the already 246,000 displaced in the two regions. The recent violence could exacerbate the vulnerable food security, shelter and health situation.

Key priorities

246,000+ estimated displaced

IDPs in IPC 2 Stressed / IPC 3 Crisis

IDPs living in the bush

Basic services lack of access

Humanitarian constraints

Unpredictable security situation makes humanitarian access difficult. In addition, recent armed groups’ activities left some roads and bridges blocked.