We Are Delivering Relief Supplies to Those Affected by the Floods

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We Have Delivered Food and Non-food Items to Approximately 750 Families

AAR JAPAN has been engaging in emergency relief activities to support those affected by the floods in Cambodia. Following the first distribution on November 15th, we distributed food and non-food items to 367 families on December 1st and 383 families and December 8th in Siem Reap.

Siem Reap is located north of Southeast Asia’s largest lake, Tonlé Sap Lake, and is widely known for the temple complex of Angkor Wat. Based on the accounts of the residents, the water level has risen since September and some places have flooded up about 1m high. Every year, the influx of water during the rainy season (around May to September) causes the area of Tonlé Sap Lake to significantly expand; however, we discovered that this year unlike other years, there have been cases of disastrous flooding across large areas. The rice fields that were supposed to have been harvested soon were severely damaged and consequently, the famers lost all of their rice that they had grown for 6 months. Similarly, those who rely on fishing have also been affected, as the rise in the water level has prohibited them from using fixed nets and caused them to lose their boats.

Noriyasu OKAYAMA from the Vientiane office in Laos and Tomoko SONODA from the Tokyo Headquarters office conducted damage inspection around the Tonlé Sap Lake area and distributed relief items to individuals who have not received any material support thus far. We received positive feedback as we distributed supplies such as rice, which is their staple food, and buckets that can be used for storing food. Nevertheless, we can anticipate that it is going to take a while for these people in Cambodia to recover their livelihood without basic needs such as their rice fields and fishing goods. AAR JAPAN is dedicated to continuing our distribution activities to the people in need. We thank you for your generous ongoing support.

Targeted Areas for Distribution

December 1st Siem Reap, Krabei Riel 231 families
December 1st Siem Reap, Sambour 136 families
December 8th Siem Reap, Chong Khneas 242 families
December 8th Siem Reap, Chreav 141 familes

Distributed Items per Family

25kg of rice, 1 bag (1kg) of salt, 1 bottle (1L) of cooking oil, 1 bottle (1L) of soy sauce, 1 bottle (0.5L) of fish sauce*1, 10 cans of canned fish, 1 box (50 packs) of instance noodles, 1 bag of biscuits, 1 mosquito net, 1 blanket, 4 bars of soap, 1 bag of detergent, 1 laundry bucket, 1 women’s lower garment (sarong) and 1 multi-purpose cloth (krorma) *2

*1 Distributed only on December 8th
*2 A piece of cloth that can be used for various purposes such as wrapping around the head, hung on the shoulder, and used as a towel.