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Signing Of A Record Of Discussion

A Record of Discussion on a four-year Project for Strengthening Organizational Functions of CMAC (February 2020 to February 2024) is signed between CMAC and Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) at CMAC’s Headquarters on December 24th, 2019. The signing ceremony is presided over and witnessed by H.E. General Meas Sophea, Senior Minister in charge of Mine Action, Unexploded Ordinance and Engineering Corp of the Cambodian Armed Forces, and H.E. Mr. Masahiro Mikami, Ambassador Designate of Japan to the Kingdom of Cambodia. The Project aims to further help strengthening CMAC as the national institution in delivering specialized and pioneering mine action services on a global scale.

Separately, Japan recently donates $1,799,850 to implement the Royal Government of Cambodia – Japan Counterpart Fund Assistance for Human Security Project in the area of Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA), for the period January-June 2020, in addition to the assistance to the current and existing Integrated Mine Clearance and Landmine Victim Assistance Project Phase 3 in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Since 1992, CMAC has received grant aid and technical assistance worth over 70 million USD and approximately 50 million USD of in-kind contribution from the Government of Japan through Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of Japan, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan Mine Action Services, Good Earth Japan, Peace Boat and Rotary Club. Under the grant and technical cooperation scheme, Japan has provided 13 demining machines, 44 Brush Cutter machines, 2,889 mine detectors, 5,840 of Personal Protective Equipment, 398 vehicles and other demining and office materials and equipment to CMAC. This invaluable support has contributed to overall CMAC achievement of 1,034 Km2 of landmine/UXO contaminated areas and contributed to building rural physical infrastructures such as roads, schools, ponds post clearance.

CMAC acknowledges the generosity of the People and the Government of Japan, especially, the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), for invaluable support to the People of Cambodia in the demining efforts in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The Embassy of Japan in Cambodia and JICA’s contributions to mine action in Cambodia have saved thousands of lives and limbs of Cambodians, as well as returning hope for landmine/ERW affected communities.

However, so far Cambodia is still covered by about 2,100 km2 of landmine/UXO contaminated areas. The Royal Government has set a clear goal of antipersonnel landmine impact free by 2025. To achieve the goal, not only the international community’s support, but also the government’s effort toward this achievement is more important.

CMAC wishes to renew its profound thanks and sincere appreciation to the People and the Government of Japan, in particular to the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia and JICA for their kind support and good cooperation with CMAC to combat the legacy of landmine/ERW and to save lives and support socio-economic development of Cambodia.