National Strategic Plan on Disaster Risk Management for Health 2020-2024


Executive Summary

This National Strategic Plan on Disaster Risk Management (DRM) for Health outlines the Royal Government of Cambodia’s response to the growing challenge of the risks arising from natural hazards, communicable diseases and pandemics. All disasters have a cost in terms of deaths and suffering, and have additional impacts on public health due to poverty, hunger, unemployment, displacement and migration, that in turn increase the people’s, and the Country’s, vulnerability to renewed disasters.

Health emergency risk management requires an all hazards, multidimensional approach. The entire Ministry of Health needs to work together with all other ministries and institutions, humanitarian development partners, and donor agencies, in order to address the specific challenges of each phase of the emergency risk management cycle.

This National Plan demonstrates the commitment of the Government of Cambodia to improve the national capacities for Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery and thus better manage health emergencies and disasters.

This Plan adopts an “All-Hazards Approach” to health emergency risk management and aims at integrating the National Development Strategy. Another objective is to build synergies and complementarities with the existing national, regional and international agreements.