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Mekong River Commission Annual Report 2010

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List of Acronyms i
The Lancang–Mekong Basin ii
Mekong River Commission Governance Structure iii
Mekong River Commission Secretariat Operational Structure v
Message from the Chairperson of the MRC Council 1
The Hua Hin Summit and Declaration 4
Low rainfall, not dams, the cause of low river levels 6
Integrated Mekong development – the Basin Development Plan (BDP) 8
The Environment Programme (EP) 14
Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (CCAI) 19
The Flood Management and Mitigation Programme (FMMP) 22
Mekong Integrated Water Resources Management Project (M-IWRMP) 26
Trade and commerce – the Navigation Programme (NAP) 28
The Agriculture and Irrigation Programme (AIP) 31
Watershed Management Programme (WSMP) 35
Drought Management Project (DMP) 38
The Fisheries Programme 41
The Information and Knowledge Management Programme (IKMP) 45
The Initiative on Sustainable Hydropower (ISH) 48
The Integrated Capacity Building Programme (ICBP) 53
MRC Strategic Plan 2011–2015 56
Dialogue Partners and Development Partners 58
MRC opens second office in Cambodia 60
Procedures for Notification, Prior Consultation and Agreement (PNPCA) 61
Finance and Human Resources 62
List of publications in 2010 64