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Floods and drought in southeast Asia

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From Federation News 18/02
Despite initial concerns that this year's monsoon season will cause widespread devastation across the lower Mekong River Basin, flood waters throughout southeast Asia are now receding. Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of people have been affected by the floods and the situation may worsen once again as another monsoon peak is forecast for mid-September. In Cambodia, the country has been hit by both floods and drought - a combination which could mean food shortages next year. Over the past two weeks, Red Cross staff and volunteers, supported by the International Federation, have provided relief to people in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. Two states in Myanmar experienced their worst floods in living memory with a substantial number of people needing assistance for some time to come. In Vietnam, the news is better. People's capacity to cope with the annual flooding of the Mekong Delta has been greatly enhanced by various flood mitigation measures and extensive disaster preparedness activities by the Red Cross of Vietnam and others.