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Cambodia, Thailand, Viet Nam - Mekong floods (DG ECHO, National authorities, AHA Centre, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 17 October 2020)

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In Cambodia, tropical storm triggered rains causing floods in 19 of 25 provinces in the country. Flash floods have so far left 18 people dead and forced the evacuation of 25,192 people according to the National Committee for Disaster Management . A total of 53,169 families or 212,676 people have been affected. 51,133 houses, 439 schools, 137,160 hectares of rice fields, 67,490 hectares of subsidiary crops, and many roads, bridges, canals have been flooded and damaged. In Viet Nam, floods, landslides, storms, and winds in Central Region affected an estimated 682,000 people, 136,000 houses, 10.400 hectares of rice, crops, and aquatic produce, 362 educational institutions, 14.7 km of roads, and the loss of 332,000 livestock (cattle and poultry). There are at least 56 deaths and 12 people missing. In Thailand, the Meteorological Department warned the North, the Northeast, Central area and the East to brace for another storm from South China Sea. In Nakhon Ratchasima, water discharged from the Lam Phra Phloeng Dam caused flooding in Pak Thong Chai district overnight, with floodwater rising to the roofs of many one-storey houses. Rescue workers used boats to distribute relief supplies to affected people in flood-hit areas in the district after the water level at the dam exceeded its storage capacity. Further rain, wind and high waves are expected across the Mekong region during 17-19 October.