Cambodia Humanitarian Response Forum (HRF) Situation Report No. 02 (as of 08 October 2013)

from Cambodia Humanitarian Response Forum
Published on 08 Oct 2013

Highlights and key priorities

• Sixteen provinces affected by floods and flash floods since the third week of September;

• 83 confirmed deaths, of which at least 34 children;

• More than 160,000 households affected and more than 13,000 households evacuated to safe areas;

• More than 120,000 houses, 847 schools, 50 health centres and hospitals, and 360 pagodas flooded with roads, bridges and infrastructure damaged;

• National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) and Provincial Committees for Disaster Management (PCDM) monitoring the situation and leading joint assessments with participation from HRF;

• National and local authorities,
Cambodia Red Cross (CRC) and NGOs providing immediate relief assistance to affected families evacuated to safe areas;

• Assessments ongoing in several provinces to determine extent of floods’ impact and needs of the population.