Cambodia: Appeal No. MAAKH001, 2009-2010 - Programme Update No. 2

Situation Report
Originally published


This report covers the period 1 July to 31 December 2009

Programme purpose: To support Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) to realize its vision of being the country's leading humanitarian organization.

Programme summary:

This programme update provides information on the activities implemented by Cambodian Red Cross (CRC), within the frame of the Secretariat support plan for 2009. Due to reasons given below, the overall budget to support CRC activities has been significantly reduced. The context in Cambodia, especially within CRC itself, is changing and the Federation needs to continue adapting its support to this new environment. It is expected that the 2010-2011 Secretariat support plan will be also revised downwards early next year to better reflect the new realities.

Financial situation: The total 2009 budget has been revised from CHF 1,129,783 (USD 1.04 million or EUR 699,300) to CHF 636,516 (USD 623,217 or EUR 421,185). Coverage is 114 per cent while expenditure from January to October 2009 is 62.8 per cent of the total 2009 budget (see attached financial report). The financial report from January to December 2009 will be issued with the 2009 annual report by April 2010.

The low level of implementation of this plan is due to the ongoing decentralization process, as well as the branch assemblies held by CRC between 29 June and 6 November 2009. In addition, the Federation support plan has received very limited funding, which has compelled the national society to limit or cancel some activities planned. Therefore, the overall budget is being revised downwards, in order to better reflect the funding and implementation realities.