Cambodia: Appeal 2009-2010 (MAAKH001) - Annual report

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This report covers the period 1 January to 31 December 2009

In brief

Programme purpose: To support the Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) to realize its vision of being the country's leading humanitarian organization.

Programme summary:

2009 was a year of significant change for Cambodian Red Cross (CRC). It officially embarked on a decentralization process that opens up the possibility of transforming the organization but not without challenges along the way, which the national society recognizes. Significantly this process will require major increases in capacity at branch level and major changes in the thinking and way of working at headquarters. The current strategic planning process in 2010 is of significance in setting the tone and substance of CRC's approach in the near future.

This process coincided with a period that saw the election of new boards of branch committees in all 24 municipalities/branches. For more detailed information on the implementation of IFRC support to CRC in 2009, see programme updates one and two.

Financial situation: The revised budget for 2009 was CHF 636,516 (USD 623,217 or EUR 421,185), with a coverage of 114 per cent. The overall expenditure for the year was 69 per cent.

The budget was revised down because of low levels of implementation, in part due to the major organizational focus on the decentralization process itself as well as the organization of the branch assemblies. In addition, the Federation support plan received very limited funding, which caused the national society to cancel some activities planned.

The future of Federation support in Cambodia is challenging. The low volume of programming is squeezing the financial viability of the Federation office at a time when CRC and partners active in the country all profess a continued role for IFRC. In addition, the Federation is still finding it difficult to appoint a suitable and funded head of office to be based in Phnom Penh with representational responsibility for both Cambodia and Lao PDR.

No. of people we help: Almost 300,000 people, of which 45 per cent are women, have directly and indirectly benefited from the implementation of the CRC programmes supported by IFRC. The main selected audience included Cambodian government representatives, the national society's staff and volunteers, numerous community members and members of the general public through response, preparedness or development activities.

Our partners: The IFRC country office in Cambodia is run by a country representative and four national staff. From November 2009 to date, an interim Federation representative (i.e. the regional programme coordinator based in Bangkok), has supported and continues to support the in-country team in lieu of the appointment of a permanent representative.

Several Red Cross partners have supported CRC through the Federation appeal (listed in the table above): these include Australian, British, Canadian, Danish, Finnish, German, New Zealand, Norwegian, and Swedish Red Cross. In addition, partner national societies active in-country include Australian, Danish, French, German, and Swiss Red Cross who have provided bilateral support to CRC.

Support from the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) is ongoing. In addition to their own activities, ICRC has maintained and active cooperation with all Red Cross members in Cambodia. It supports CRC in restoring family links and tracing, mine action, communication and dissemination.

On behalf of Cambodian Red Cross, IFRC would like to thank all partners and contributors for their response to this appeal.