Avian and Human Influenza Control and Preparedness Emergency Project: Restructuring (Vol. 1 of 2): Main report

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3.) The proposed reallocation. The proposed reallocation is necessary to cover the cost of urgently needed training/workshop events to increase MOH’s implementing capacity and, more importantly, to ensure staff readiness to respond quickly and effectively in the even to an outbreak with numerous human cases. This source of financing is probably the only alternative currently available to cover this priority activity. On the other hand, the negative reallocation to the consulting services category is not expected to impact the implementation performance because: (i) the amount originally allocated to this category (according to the appraisal document) seems slightly overestimated; (ii) the existent consulting agreement with WHO would provide coverage of most to the needs; and (iii) there are other potential sources of external funding for some of the needs for technical assistance and capacity building.

4.) The request for reallocation of the grant proceeds as specified in the PHRD Grant Agreement TF056832 is considered acceptable based on the experience after implementation of the project for almost two years. The Health Sector Support Program Secretariat (HSSPS) of the Ministry of Health (MOH), which is the Implementing Agency for this Part B of the Project: Human Health, has noted that the actual expenditures for Category 1 (a) of this Grant are already greater than the original amount and the total financing needs are slightly different from the original allocation of the Grant. Therefore, a reallocation between categories is needed to accommodate all expenditures until project completion, in accordance with the implementation program submitted by the HSSPS of MOH. The reallocation proposed does not affect the total amounts of original Grant Agreement, therefore, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has endorsed this proposal.