Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde: Volcano Eruption situation report nº 8 (4 December 2014)

Situation Report
Originally published



  1. The eruption started at 10:00 on 23 December 2014.

  2. Preliminary data showed that the eruptions were anteceded by a series of seismic events captured and reported by the local seismic network.

  3. No human injuries reported.

  4. Three vents on the north-south direction were opened, with distinct viscosity (`A’ a and Pahoehoe lava) and flow directions.

  5. The lava front initially cut the road access to the community (Bangaeira, Cova Tina, Portela e Djeu de Lorna), impeding evacuation effort by motorized vehicles. An alternate route has now been traced, enabling access.

  6. The lava has claimed agriculture fields and has destroyed the recently inaugurated landmark building of the headquarters of Fogo’s Natural Park (funded by KWF and quarters of the Consolidation of Areas Protected Systems project). The lava has also claimed 57 households, one school and one hotel.

  7. Emissions of toxic gases could affect local population, but no danger is currently reported.

  8. An ash plume has been reported at high altitude by the Meteorological Agency, and air traffic to Fogo has been affected.

  9. The front of lava is advancing slowly at the approximate rate of 1m/h. That means possible progressive destruction of other houses Chã das Caldeiras village (until now 56). If lava flow continues progressively, the access route (the third built by the National Civil Protection Service) can be cut, limiting the possibility to bring out remaining goods.